PT. Aikonika Denira Artha (AIKONIKA) is our latest subsidiary that focuses on property business. The first project is Aikonika@Menteng Residence, brand new townhouses, located at Jalan Surabaya which is a prestigious neighborhood in Central Jakarta.

Limited to only 6 units, these state-of-the-art properties are fully furnished building with high-end materials, which offer exclusivity and comfort.

In addition to townhouses, our project includes offices building. The second project of PT ADA is Djautama Group building, located at Cik Di Tiro – Menteng area.

This Djautama Group building comprises of 6 floors. The first floor is used for parking lot, the second to fifth floor are dedicated to boutique offices and the sixth floor, which is also the top floor, serves as multifunction room.

Known for its chic twist, the pool at 6th floor symbolizes a Graceful Growth. Standing on this spacious rooftop patio, your eyes will be pampered with maginificent extravagance ambience of Central Jakarta that worth every second of your time.

In this innovative boutique office, you will experience a delightful working space, which enable you to develop and maximize talent, seize the opportunity and fulfill your dreams. Innovation becomes the soul of our company that inspires our actions.

Taking advantage of its strategic location, Djautama Group is able to expedite its business process, which is result in a greater opportunity to grow.